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Smart property viewing

Don’t let social distancing stop you. Book your smart property viewing with us!

We don’t want social distancing stopping you from finding out more about Il Castellino. With our smart property viewing we will show you the property virtually, just like being there yourself. We will walk through the property and answer all your questions during the tour and of course after when you’ve had a chance to reflect on the property. Never has the saying “a picture paints 1,000 words” been more relevant. The real estate business is changing in a world of diminishing physical contact and rising online and e-commerce activity. Property searches start online and visualising properties has never been more important. By merging visuals with active participation you’ll get a clear picture of the property and be able to make a decision in the comfort of your own home.

So how does it work? You get in touch with us to set a date and time for the viewing. At the time of the viewing you’ll get an invite to join the smart property viewing session and were off. Simple as that! It is possible to complete a purchase of a property in Italy without being in the country personally. Do to this you need to establish a power of attorney with a notary in your country to a trustee. The smart property viewing alternative is not only useful in social distancing times but also very useful before a viewing in person to confirm the suitability of the property for you. Please do get in touch with us to discuss your smart property viewing or to get more info and be on your way to La Dolce Vita!

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